X-STATICĀ® Fabrics for protection of HAIs

X-STATIC® Fabrics for Soft Surface Protection

X-STATIC® fabrics promote a safer healthcare environment by permanently and continuously inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on the fabrics. Wash after wash, X-STATIC® fabrics maintain their premier performance for the life of the product.

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Fabrics are currently available for environmental isolation, apparel products and support surfaces, such as:

privacy curtain contaminations

Environmental Isolation

Privacy Curtains
Given the infrequency of laundering (twice per year in most facilities), and how often they're touched by caregivers, patients and visitors, untreated privacy curtains harbor staggering rates of bacterial contamination and are a major cause of infection transmission.

Privacy curtains made with X-STATIC® fabric deliver comprehensive and continuous protection.

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protected door handles from contamination

Door Handle Protectors
Door handles are easily the most frequently touched object in a healthcare setting. Prevent cross-contamination at its source with door handle covers made with X-STATIC® fabric. Retrofit easily and inexpensively on any door handle to provide comprehensive and continuous protection.

Door handle covers with X-STATIC® fabric are available globally today directly from Noble.

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furniture upholstery protection

Furniture Upholstery
Furniture upholstery offers a great opportunity to control bacterial cross-contamination. Given that it can't be laundered—only spot cleaned—upholstery requires the highest level of antimicrobial performance to ensure safety.

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protected apparel products for medical uses

Apparel Products

Labcoats featuring X-STATIC® antimicrobial fibers and are specifically designed to protect the labcoat from bacterial growth. Our labcoats also deliver superior comfort by regulating temperature, eliminating odors and reducing static build-up.

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protected scrubs

Uniforms made with X-STATIC® eliminate 99.9% of bacteria directly on the fabric, giving you ongoing comprehensive and proactive anti-microbial protection for the life of the product

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Protected support surfaces

Support Surfaces
Positioning Products

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