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Cubicle Curtains are touched frequently but rarly washedLab coats are constantly exposed to contaminatsScrubs and uniforms are often worn outside department facilities, thus increasing chances for cross contatmination

Bacterial Management of Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces cover 90% of a patient's contact environment, and are constantly exposed to bacteria between launderings. Because of the frequency of contamination, laundering bed linens, uniforms and scrubs, privacy curtains, patient gowns and divider curtains is insufficient and does not reduce cross-contamination in practice.

Hand sanitization is only effective until recontamination occurs—which happens immediately upon touching a contaminated soft surface. Regular behaviors like opening a privacy curtain or retrieving a pen from a uniform pocket can cause recontamination.

The most effective solution is one that doesn't require behavior modification or training. Which is why using fabrics made with X-STATIC® broad-spectrum antimicrobial fibers are the right solution for long-term bacterial management for soft surfaces.

By eliminating bacteria on the textile surface, you reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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